Intuit Mobile Ecosystem Summit


Intuit Social Ecosystem Summit

October 12th, 2009

Mountain View, CA

The mobile ecosystem summit brought together several thought leaders and representatives from companies that have either provide mobile applications or handset technology. Below an overview of the social ecosystem summit as well as links to the presentations.


  1. Opening (Jan Bosch, Brad Smith, Tayloe Stansbury)

  2. Mobile Ecosystem 101 (Omar Green, Intuit)

  3. How to Make Money in Mobile (Or Not) (Michael Mace, Rubicon Consulting)

  4. GoPayment Learnings (Yumi Clark & Mary Shapero, Intuit)

  5. Powering Intuit’s mobile solutions in payroll and field service  management (Rich Micheax, Corrigo)


  1. Handset manufacturers and mobile platforms

  2. Forum Nokia (Jeffrey Cooper, Nokia)

  3. Android Market (Eric Chu, Google)

  4. Research In Motion (Andrew Vardon, RIM)

  5. Palm webOS platform (Dave Daetz, Palm)

  6. SMS: An Important Cost Savings and Revenue Generation Tool (Sonali Shah, Verisign)

  7. Mobile marketing - lessons learned (Dorrian Potter, Mozes)

  8. Mobile browsers and browsing platforms

  9. Opera Mini Product Presentation (Christian Delay, Opera)

  10. Skyfire Company and Industry Overview (Raj Singh, Skyfire)

  11. Mobile Iron - managing enterprise mobile expenses (Ojas Rege, Mobile Iron)

For those at Intuit, the video recordings of the presentations are available via Video Central.