Intuit Social Ecosystem Summit

Intuit Social Ecosystem Summit

June 30th, 2009

Mountain View, CA

The purpose of the social ecosystem summit was to bring together several thought leaders and representatives from companies that have successfully applied user contribution, both active and passive, in their products and services. Below an overview of the social ecosystem summit as well as links to the presentations.


  1. Goals And Agenda (Jan Bosch and Gerald Huff, Intuit)

  2. Contribution-Based Offerings (Gerald Huff, Intuit)

  3. Online Community as a Business Strategy (Michael Mace, Rubicon Consulting)

  4. Building Communities at Hunch and Flickr (Caterina Fake, Hunch)

  5. Live Community at Intuit (Scott Wilder, Intuit)


  1. Hildebrandt’s Peer Monitor Program (Mark Medice, Hildebrandt Peer Monitor)

  2. Creating a culture of community (Richard Probst, SAP)

  3. Data as an Asset (DaaA) for Offerings (Vineet Singh, Intuit)

  4. Enabling the Small Business Crowd (Pranay Kapadia, Intuit)

For those at Intuit, the video recordings of the presentations are available via the Social Wiki.