Intuit Software Ecosystem Summit

Intuit Software Ecosystem Summit

January 7th, 2009

Mountain View, CA

The emergence of software ecosystems are one of the web is one of the most exciting developments for software companies in the Web 2.0 space, but also in the traditional desktop or the more constrained mobile domains.

As a company that has enjoyed significant success in creating an ecosystem on the desktop, Intuit has the ambition to repeat its success in the cloud. As part of the process towards realizing that ambition, Intuit organized on January 7th, 2009 its first Software Ecosystem Summit where more than 300 local and remote participants enjoyed presentations from a variety of companies that have successfully employed software ecosystems as part of their strategy.

Below the schedule for the first software ecosystem summit as well as links to the presentations can be found.

10:00-10:05Welcome (Jan Bosch, Intuit)

10:05-10:15Introductory Notes (Kris Halvorsen, Intuit)

10:15-10:35Software Ecosystems Overview (Jan Bosch, Intuit)

10:35-11:10Industry Perspective (Michael Mace, Rubicon Consulting)

11:10-11:45eBay Platform (Max Mancini, eBay)

11:45-12:20Intuit Partner Platform (Alex Chriss, Intuit)


01:05-01:40Atlas UX team – ecosystem perspective (Mike Mills/Aline Baeck, Intuit)

01:40-02:15Adobe Flash Platform (Bryant Macy/Matthias Zeller, Adobe)

02:15-02:50SAP Customer Focused Ecosystem (Mark Finnern, SAP)


03:00-03:35Bungee Labs (Alex Barnett, Intuit)

03:35-04:10Autodesk Developer Ecosystem (Amar Hanspal, Autodesk)


For Intuit employees, the video recordings of the morning part of the summit can be found here.